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How to Choose the Best Home Insurance for you

Home insurance is something that’s risen in price in recent years and a heft annual bill is something that can really be a needless addition. There are plenty of ways to skim some money from your home insurance quote and we’ve got some strategies to help you along the way.

Quote Before Purchase

If you’re buying a new home, we’d advise you to get a quote before you pay as this can save you from having to pay a hefty bill. There are plenty of factors taken into account when insurance is calculated for a home – from proximity to emergency services, to the plumbing and heating systems. Getting a quote now can help you save significantly on the cost of a home insurance premium and means there will be no surprises causing you to sell your house fast.


Often the land is included in the valuation of the home insurance, however there’s not that much that can go wrong with an area of land around a home, especially if it’s fields. When looking for insurance only cover the cost of the house and its contents and avoid insuring the area around it. This can help you save significantly.


Are you a smoker? If you are, then why not quit now to save on home insurance. According to statistics from the US Fire Administration, there were over 14,000 residential fires caused by smoking in 2002. Of course, insurers are going to take account of this and it will be a factor in the price of insurance.


Installing an alarm system can reduce the cost of insurance by up to 10%. It also will save a lot of trouble if the worst should happen

One insurer

Often choosing one insurer for a number of different sorts of insurance will help reduce costs. Using a single insurer for home, contents, car and other insurance can lower the premium by 10% across all insurances. This can make for a large saving cumulatively.


By raising your deductible premium by a few hundred or even thousand pounds will greatly impact on the cost of the insurance. This can save you as much as a quarter on the cost of insurance – something that greatly lowers cost. However, it also means that you will end up having to take an added risk as if the house is damaged, you will have to pay for the cover up to the amount that is deductible.

Credit Scores

The credit score can often be checked when you’re looking for insurance and the better your score, the lower the insurance. In essence, it’s just another reason to try and make an effort to improve your score and stay on top of your credit rating.


Other additions such as extra locks, storm shutters, upgrades to heating and electricity and a range of other additions can impact on the cost of your insurance. Making as many changes as possible to areas that could be of concern to the insurance company is a great way to cut costs.

Cutting insurance costs is easily done and there are numerous ways to do it as you can see from this piece.

Cormac Reynolds is a writer who has worked for a number of real estate businesses in his time. He loves the great outdoors too.

The Worst Cars of All Time

A quick poll of the swiftcover.com office confirms that we’ve all got fond memories of our first cars – that clapped-out banger that only started if you did it just the right way and was so likely to cause you trouble that car insurance and a good mechanic was a must. However bad your first car was though, chances are you’ll remember the good things – the first roadtrip with friends, a feeling of independence and the long-overdue opportunity to go wherever you want.

Luckily for you though, your car probably wasn’t all that bad, butnot everyone has that luxury though, and some cars are simply so bad that not even a nostalgic driver could love them: we’ve scraped the history books for three of the worst!

  1. The Trabant

    Produced in East Germany for more than thirty years, the Trabant is remembered as one of the worst cars ever to have been produced. Why? It had a body made of a plastic compound (light but notoriously weak – we at swiftcover.com prefer steel!) and a two stroke engine (similar to one you might find on a lawnmower). You can still rent them to drive in Germany, but their emissions are so terrible that road tax is around €800 per year and we’d dread to think what the car insurance premiums would be.

  2. The Ford Pinto

    One of the most popular US cars in history, the Pinto suffered from a fairly serious design fault: a propensity to explode when struck from behind with another car. Because of the location of the fuel tank, it was prone to being punctured following a rear collision, leading to highly-flammable fuel spreading at speed. You don’t need to be a car insurance expert to tell that leaky fuel does not a safe car make.

  3. The Hummer

    Don’t get us wrong – gargantuan off-roaders have their place. The trouble is, that place is not on UK roads. These 2.1m wide behemoths are so heavy that they’re illegal on certain routes, and have been condemned for being dangerous (some models lack standard safety features) and providing incredible fuel economy – allegedly as low as 12mpg. It didn’t surprise swiftcover.com researchers that the car was discontinued in 2010.

These are just three of our choices from the swiftcover.com office though – if you have a best/worst car then tell us about it! Join the debate on traffic, car insurance, new cars and plenty more with 45,000 others on the swiftcover.com Facebook page www.facebook.com/swiftcover or follow us on Twitter @swiftcover.

Is It Legal to Have Your Car Window Tinted?

Tint modification has become popular in many places including the United Kingdom. There is an increasing number of car owners going for car tints. This according to many, is done to improve the physical appearance of their car, to maintain the coolness inside, lessen the brightness as a result of the sun rays directly hitting the car, and to maintain the privacy of people in the car.

If you look at the benefits it does to you and your car, you can be tempted to put in dark tints and shades to attain the comfort and looks you want.

The increasing demand for modification of car tints prompted authorities to enact laws to regulate the use it.

Why is there a need to regulate car tinting?

The Road Vehicles Regulations Act of 1986 as amended on car tinting was enacted primarily to establish safeguards for car owners and motorists, pedestrians and other motorists. Regulating car tints prevents accidents and car theft, criminal incidents. Too much shaded windows make it difficult for the drivers to see their route which may lead to accidents. Dark tints are not friendly to police officers who are conducting regular car check-ups.

Is it legal to have your car tinted?

Definitely yes, it is legal; however, there are certain requirements that you need to follow in tinting your cars in terms how dark and thick the tint would be. You must ensure that the tint you use conforms with the allowable percentage of transmitted light into the car. You also need to comply with areas allowed by law to be tinted. The law mandates that your car tints must conform to the following:

  • Cars first used on or after 1 April 198

  • Front windscreens must allow at least 75% light transmitted through it

  • Windows at the front must allow at least 70% of light to be transmitted through them.

Who is responsible in the enforcement of the tinting limitations?

When the government talks of responsibility people always point back at them, which is wrong. The enforcement of the tinting law is your responsibility as the car owner because, you were the one who put an illegal tint on the car even with the regulatory law. Thus, you should suffer the consequences.

What happens if the car owner violated the tinting law?

If you violate the limitations set forth in the law, the following sanctions could be implemented:

  • Your car gets impounded or an order prohibiting the use of your car until you have complied with the tinting law.

  • Violation may make your insurance invalid and when that happens you will foot all the bills and expenses in case of an accident.

  • You are ordered to remove the tint or film, spending money, which could have been used for other purposes.

Tinting your car heavily may improve its looks and give you a feeling that your car is unique. You could also have all the privacy you want, but if you get caught, it could be a disaster much more expensive than having a good looking car. Making sure that the tint removal of your car is covered can help a lot in reducing your expenses.

Reduce Women’s Car Insurance Premium

The significant yearly increase of cars plying the streets with women drivers give rise to the increased demands for more car coverage including women car insurance by car owners that subsequently led to increasing prices in car coverage all over United Kingdom. Women car insurance are expensive, an investment that comes heavy to most people that’s why it is important to find the best arrangement available in the market.

In the United Kingdom, women are more favored by most insurance companies for many reasons and one of them is that women drivers drive more safely than men. The favor extends to giving cheaper women car insurance coverage to them. However, even with the cheaper coverage, women car insurance gets a large chunk off their finances. Fortunately, there are approaches on how to reduce cost on women car insurance that you can opt to use.

Reduce the risks of theft and other risks to your car

The best way to reduce cost of women car insurance is to ensure that you employed a way to prevent risks of theft and other risks to your car by putting in an alarm system, tracker, steering wheel locks, if your car does not have them. Otherwise buy a car that has all the systems with it.

Having a clean slate as a driver, meaning you didn’t get tickets for speeding, parking and the like in the past would increase your chances for reduced women car insurance premium. A secured car garage also helps you get a discount on car coverage.

One other thing is for you to enroll in the PASS PLUS to improve your driving skills and reduce incidence of accidents and risks to your car as well as your passengers. All these measures will decrease risks to you and your car which will in turn reduce the risks of the insurance company.

Survey the Market

There are many insurance companies offering women car insurance, select the best in terms of price and services offered. The cheapest offer is not always the best option. Just look out for the following:

a) Availability of services when needed, meaning, you have ready car service when you need one and you don’t have to make a call and waste time waiting for them to come because they’re located miles away from your place

b) Presence of permits and. The insurer must have the necessary permits and licenses to operate and do business in your area; otherwise, they may not be authorized service providers.

c) Discounts for women car insurance. Does the company offer discounts? It helps to have discounts and d) multi-coverage. The women car insurance may be part of coverage or the same company from whom you got your other insurance coverage may give you lower premium since this is not the only coverage you got from them. Reading reviews such as Covergirl Insurance Review and Diamond Insurance Review may give you some answers.

Reduce usage and engine size

When you buy a car consider buying one with a smaller engine, because it cost less on car insurance premiums. As to usage, the less you use car, the lesser the women car insurance premium. However different companies have varied rules on applying the mileage in computing the insurance premium.

Provide complete and true information to the insurer

When you have selected the best insurance company, you give complete and true information about you and your car. In doing so, the insurer will be able to come up with an accurate quote on your car insurance premium and ensure that you are covered. If you omit information or lie about some you might end up uninsured when you need it.

There is a law passed by the European Court of Justice that will take effect December of this year that bans companies to use gender to compute car insurance premiums which may result in non-provision of lower women car insurance premiums. So while the law is not yet in effect, you better avail of the existing cheaper coverage for women car insurance.

How to Choose Travel Insurance Wisely

Traveling is a rewarding and educational activity that many people embark on especially during vacations. It is also an event that could result to various mishaps like being robbed, injured and getting sick while on the road. If you are a travel enthusiast, then getting a Travel Insurance is one of the smartest moves that you can do. How would you choose your Travel Insurance wisely? You have first to know what it is all about.

What is a Travel Insurance?

This is an insurance that covers you against various traveling mishaps that include major to minor events. It can cover loss of baggage items, medical bills, and other aspects that you want covered in your Travel Insurance.

Types and costs of Travel Insurance

Single Trip – This type of Travel Insurance will cover you just for one trip. Understandably, it is less expensive than the Multi or Annual Travel Insurance.

Multi or Annual – This insurance covers all your trips within a year. This is more expensive but is more comprehensive and preferred if you have the financial means to pay the increased cost.

Extended Trip – This type of insurance provides cover when you extend your vacations.

If you want to select a reputable Travel Insurance Company, you may want to follow these pointers:

  • Determine what you need. Do you travel several times during the year? If you do, then the Annual Travel Insurance would be best for you. You have to customise your insurance to your needs.

  • Do an online search for a reputable company. An efficient Travel Insurance Company would have good reviews and testimonies from majority of its client. There will always be negative comments, but at least 80% of the overall comments should be positive.

  • Ascertain that the insurance provider is a legitimate company by perusing the list of licensed or recognised Travel Insurance providers.

  • Compare quotes and coverage of each of the companies. Do not choose the cheapest because almost always, it would provide insufficient cover for you. Opt for a Travel Insurance company that has adequate cover and yet offers affordable premiums.

  • Go over the details of the insurance policy and know what are covered and what are excluded. If you know this, then you would know exactly when to file a claim and when not to.

  • Do not take out a service you most probably would not use. This would save you cost and unnecessary expenses.

  • Take note of the maximum age accepted. Most UK insurers provide insurance for individuals not over 65 years old. If you are more than 65, you could inquire for alternative insurance services that the company could offer.

There are several reputable companies that could provide adequate Travel Insurance cover, like Direct Line. You may want to know more about the company by reading the Direct Line Insurance Review.

You may also want to take advantage of Insure and Go, one of the Best Travel Insurance Provider for Customer Service in 2009. Your Travel Insurance would be in good hands. You can read more information about this top notch insurance company in this Insure and Go Review.

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