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The first thing that I noticed about Insure the Box is their really cool website. I think that they are trying to attract young Car Insurance buyers with its designs and they are doing a pretty good job at it.

This new company looks at providing Car Insurance differently. When you buy insurance from them, they would attach a clever device called the "telematics" or also known as Clear Box to your car. This device actually helps them measure how you drive and how far you drive each time you hit the road. It's a very simple but very advanced concept and they are the one who is pioneering it in the Car Insurance industry right now.

Insure the Box is best for young drivers because their method can make actual assessments on the way your drive and not just base on the stereo type that young drivers are a threat on the road. And another good thing is that they also base your Car Insurance rates on your mileage. So that means that the lower your mileage the cheaper amount you have to pay for your Car Insurance.

Here are some of the benefits that you get from buying the Car Insurance that this company offers:

  • Accurate assessment of your driving skills
  • Being a good driver can help you to win additional miles
  • You will only pay for the miles that you need
  • If you shop online you get the chance to win great rewards

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I have read some customer review about this company and a lot of them are saying that buying Car Insurance from Insure the box was one of the best decisions that they have ever made. They like the concept of paying only for the miles that they needed to travel because it saves them a lot of money. One also said that he was a low mileage driver but he still got high insurance rates from other companies, but when he switched to this company, he was able to get some savings that the never had before.

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S Lamb
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I notice that you fail to mention all of the negative aspects of this company. Why is that?